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Walking into NOW!

The fourth expedition was influenced by the third lockdown. Based on the reflections of Lucius Burckhardt, the founder of Strollology, Clemens Bauder, Ludwig Engel and Katharina Weinberger-Lootsma turned one of the few legally permitted activities outside one’s own four walls into the research subject: the individual walk.

“The stroll is therefore a chain, a string of pearls with expressive, then again less expressive, but at all times potent passages, which synthesizes our perception.” – Lucius Burckhardt, Promenadologie – Eine neue Wissenschaft. (1998), in: Warum ist Landschaft schön? (2008), p. 329 f.)

The expedition participants were each given a set compass direction. On their own, with just a compass as orientation aid, they took a two-hour walk in that direction. As an act and process of (self-)appropriation, walking opened up poetic and performative potential: To the strollers, walking involved physical, emotional and social aspects that were experienced on the way and documented with the help of different media.