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East-Southeast 112,5° – The Inner Map

East-Southeast 112,5° – The Inner Map


The examination of well-familiar places and points of reference, that was my guiding idea for Expedition 4. I started my exploration tour from my home in Obertrum am See in the Salzburg countryside: the place where I grew up. From my home I went down the Haunsberg, passed the lake and went straight to the village center. 

On my way I came by numerous places of central importance to me, as I associate them with memories or experiences from my childhood. During my hike I found out that the “landmarks” on the path did not exhibit any prominent structural or scenic characteristics, but they stood out all the more on my “inner” map!  

The pleasant winter, the sounds and smells – all these impressions of the NOW overlapped with strong emotional reactions and memories, springing up in a slow walking pace and forming a new map.