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East 90° – Logbook of EMOTIONS

East 90° – Logbook of EMOTIONS

PROJECT BY Jessica Bernhart
My walking in the NOW in a predefined direction was dominated by emotions, which is why I documented them in a logbook. What was surprising was the great number of different feelings.

An excerpt from the logbook

07:58 confident km 0 – expedition start, my compass works. 

08:14 confused km 0.83 – my first obstacle: The road does lead east, but I cannot get through the closed residential estate and am briefly forced to go off course. 

08:21 pleased km 1.27 – always straight towards the sun: I am back on my way east. 

09:02 startled km 3.82 – I check my compass and the sun position: The sun is no longer all in the east, but already in the southeast. 

09:12 curious km 4.19 – I discover an old cigarette/newspaper machine: How old is it? 

09:24 curbed km 4.77 – an insurmountable obstacle: suburban train tracks. 

09:30 lost in thought km 5.15 – The latest obstacle makes me think about comparing this walk to my life: I may know the direction but not the things that I will find on the way, that block my path and make me “rethink”. 

09:47 annoyed km 6.28 – I am going down Barawitzkagasse. There is a lot of traffic. My grandma always says: “This is the ugliest street in all of Vienna!” 

09:54 relieved km 7.08 – I am standing on a bridge across Danube Channel. Water and nature are calming me down. 

09:58 pleased km 7.45 – two hours have passed.