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South-Southwest 202,5° – Mystery

South-Southwest 202,5° – Mystery

PROJECT BY Katharina Biser

Walking in one direction, without a set destination, through the NOW of Linz – it’s been a long time that I have moved like this! Because at the moment, my reconnaissance trips mainly take place at home, on the internet, and in open-world games like Minecraft. It made me realize how good physical activity feels and how nice it is to discover new places and paths. 

After some time, my senses were awake and heightened. I began to hear, see, smell and feel in a more differentiated manner. The predefined direction became a kind of mystery: Which way would most likely lead me in the intended direction? 

I also had a more conscious awareness of my body: The range went from being a little tired to “full of energy” to funny feeling feet and eventually ended up in being really hungry!