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Northwest 315° – Attention Diary  

Northwest 315° – Attention Diary

Uphill Towards the View 

The direction of my hike was Hinzenbach, passing a regional vegetable trader and straight alongside a well-known ski jump. After 25 minutes, the route became an experience: The view was impressive until the very end! 

To me, the day trip was intended to be a sort of extended meditation: to not think of anything, on the one hand, and to come up with new ideas with this “cleared” head on the other. 

In order to train my attention, I tried to have a differentiated perception of what I saw and describe it like I was noting it all down in a diary (of thoughts). 

What I always like most is meeting other people. No matter if they are local residents or strollers walking in the opposite direction, everybody’s greeting or nodding friendly as though they know each other. 

The bottom line of my trip: Hiking, air and sun brighten the spirits, and it’s worth taking an unknown (cardinal) direction to arrive at new places and sensations!