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2 – 3. Juli 2021,
Rundgang University for Art & Design Linz

Into the NOW! In accordance with the motto “Auf ins JETZT! // Towards the NOW!” the students developed an exhibition parcours in the city centre of Linz, which was shown on April 30th, 2021.
Students from the University of Arts & Design Linz and GITA (Normal University of Kaoshiung, Taiwan) presented 21 interventions, performances,posters, photographs and social sculptures show attempts to understand and reflect on the NOW, and to speculate its possible spaces.

The exhibition parcours was conceptualised as a city stroll for public space in times of Covid-19 and acts like a seismograph of the present, detecting desires and what’s missing in our present, while posing questions to the NOW: How does public space need to change in order to conjoin social participation and distance? Where are and where will communication places be in the city when physical proximity means danger?



A-Lone 林幸褣
Agniesza Hoza
Angelika Wonisch
Anne Rotter
Beate Gatschelhofer
Christina 游恩恩
Christoph Picco
Daniel Derflinger
David Rall
Eve 陳羿如
Frannie 徐珮瑜
Fufu 楊淯緹
Helene Payrhuber
I-Hsuan 李奕萱
Iska Gebhard
Jennifer Ochwat
Jessica Bernhart
Jessie 鄭育婕
Johanna Brunner
Johanna Kerschensteiner
Johannes Parz
Johnny 張天
Judy Lee李宇雙
Julia Leeb

Julien Reinhardt
Karim Hussein
Katharina Biser
Leonie Kaltenegger
Lisa 王筠婷
Maria Strieder
Mario Buchberger
Micha Gerersdorfer
Mine-Hsuan 簡銘萱
Paul Eis
Rex Tsai 蔡明岳
Sarah Dorfer
Sarah Mühlbacher
Sheng-haur 羅笙豪
Silver Yin 銀得貿
Sophia Eder
Stefan Schneider
Stefanie Hoffmann
Valentina Hölzl
Valerie Danzer
Vinzenz Wallner
Yorick Berta
Yu-wen 蕭宇汶


Anne von der Heiden
Cheng-Yu Pan
Clemens Bauder
Huai-Wen Chang
Jasmin Mersmann
Katharina Weinberger-Lootsma
Luana Bechstein
Ludwig Engel
Mali Wu
Marianne Lechner
Pei-Kuei Tsai
Tina Frank

Archive of Uncertainty (Foto: L. Kaltenegger)
Jetztwanderwege (Foto: V. Wakolbinger)
Submarine (Foto: V. Wakolbinger)
feelings now (Foto: V. Wakolbinger)