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Here and Now


Here and Now

All things go: nothing stays. (Pánta chorei kaì oudèn ménei)

Life is transformation; the only constant is change. An ice sculpture made of water is intended to make this process of ongoing transience tangible. An elementary component of life, water has a special position in the laws of nature: Its (physical) state , like time, can be divided into three different states yet remain a mystery. Reduced to three letters – N O W – the sculpture becomes symbolic for a circle beyond our knowledge: The here and now seems to stay put – “frozen” – in its physical state, yet we can never grasp the actual moment.

Splace (Hauptplatz) Stiegen

© Julia Leeb

One NOW is constantly followed by another – with another moment literally running through our hands as the ice melts. (Time does not end where our cognition ends.) There is no competition between what is in the past, present, or future, but rather, they are part of a whole – captured in the ice sculpture. Moments pass before we become aware of them. The “products” of these transformative processes, however, are evidence of a past, just as the irretrievable past moment shapes our future.

Micha-Matthäus Gerersdorfer born 1984 in Ried im Innkreis, photographer Since 2015 Graphic Design and Photography at the Kunstuni Linz, 2019 Bachelor in Graphic Design and Photography at the Kunstuni Linz, since 2020 Master’s degree in Visual Communication at the Kunstuni in Linz, lives in Linz.  Communicating on a visual level has accompanied me my whole life. After an apprenticeship as a photographer and years of professional experience, the university is a place to experiment between theory and practice. Through new perspectives and approaches I learn to look at myself and the world again and again and to respect it.

Q Where would your dream expedition go?
A into myself
Q Was würdest du machen, wenn du nicht dieser Profession gefolgt wärst?
A Philosopher or farmer
Q What is the NOW for you?
A ice cream