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Coping with the Present


Coping with The Present

During the corona crisis, many people have seen their usual NOW undergo massive change. They are confronted with situations that “normally” would not exist or be easier to deal with.

“Coping with the Present” is an illustrative diary by the author, in which she describes her perception of the NOW and deals with these challenges of everyday life. In a self-therapeutic approach, the highs and lows are captured in images and text: dealing with loneliness and isolation caused by the corona pandemic, as well as the difficulties of living with depression and experiences of loss during lock-down. The project “Coping with the Present” aims to help come to terms with the NOW and accept one’s situation, as well as give courage and hope for better times.

18 / Hauptplatz 6

1997 I grew up in a village in the heart of Bavaria and moved to Graz at 18 to study Information Design. After my bachelor’s degree I now moved to Linz last October to do a master’s degree in visual communication. On the side I work as a freelancer as a graphic designer and illustrator and see my future in these fields as well.

Q Where would your dream expedition go?
A to Panama where people say, it smells like bananas
Q What would you do if you had not followed this profession?
A then I would have chosen fine arts
Q What is the NOW for you?
A Coping with the present