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Neutrality – Climate Neutrality

EXPEDITION #3 (Virtual Taiwan)
The pandemic is not the only crisis of the present. The third international expedition into the NOW deals with global warming and the concept of “neutrality”: What does “neutrality” resp. “climate neutrality” actually mean? How in everyday life can we reduce our carbon footprint? What does a climate balance have in common with karma? How can we establish an emotional connection with the subject?

The initiators of the third expedition, Pei-Kuei Tsai, Mali Wu, Huai-Wen Chang and Chen-Yu Pan of Kaoshiung University Taiwan, propose to examine these big questions regarding the climate crisis by reflecting on an everyday routine – a “habit”: When reviewing carbon emissions, we should find out more and LEARN from our daily patterns to understand how to UNLEARN these habits.” (Mali Wu)
International student teams have developed different strategies of “unlearning” via games, rituals, and (thought) experiments.