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Memorial for Now!

Memorial for Now!

PROJECT BY Johanna Brunner, Julien Reinhart,
Agnieszka Hoza, Jessica Bernhart, Mario Buchberger

With the question of how we experience plurality/diversity in public space and which objects are available for togetherness in the Now, we started our way to the old town of Linz. There, the places with statues or memorials especially stood out to us. They are places where people from different or shared cultures, interests, or countries meet.

Monuments are made for “eternity” and always let us look back in time. Mostly we are reminded of a difficult time. With the knowledge of the past, we thought about which memorials exist in Linz today. But most of the time we can find artworks that are supposed to remind us of a specific time. Do we have to think in a different way about memorials nowadays? Which memorials are there Now?

On our mapping, we show the locations of the memorials and differentiate between statues of people (in blue) and monuments as figures (in red).